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Eau Gallie Self Storage Our business storage options include "garage door" type units, indoor units with climate control, and dehumidified units. At Eau Gallie Self Storage, we provide you with multiple options such as garage doors, indoor climate-controlled units, and units with dehumidifiers to meet all your storage needs in the most efficient way possible.

With Eau Gallie Self Storage, you get an affordable, efficient way for you to store your life's possessions in a clean and secure environment. Why crawl around a dusty attic searching for rarely used items, when you can walk into a clean and bright storage facility with all your items within easy reach? Self storage makes it easy to store items of all

Moving can be a frustrating experience, but Eau Gallie Self Storage makes the process easier with multiple sized units, so you'll always have the exact amount of space you need. Use our units as temporary storage for all of the following during your move. Store items like furniture, clothes, antiques, electronics, lawn equipment, and outdoor furniture

Below is a list of sizes and prices. The unit types are listed as well. We have full "garage door" style ground-floor units, dehumidified units, and climate controlled units. Those include upstairs units with regular entrance doors which are perfect for storing office supplies and items that are adversely affected by humidity.

Box everything you can, and top off each box with a filler so that the box will support the weight of other boxes stacked on top. Full boxes can be stacked and will allow you to fully utilize the height of the storage unit. Be sure to label each box, preferably on several sides. Leave some space between rows of boxes, and between boxes and walls, for

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