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AAA Self Storage Regardless of whether you need storage space in a hurry or you already know what size and type of storage you need, we offer the best self storage units in El Paso, both on the West side of the city. If you have no idea what type or size storage you need, our friendly staff is ready to help you choose the best self storage unit for your needs. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you may have about the well--being and security of your possessions.

We encourage renter's insurance for your space and have a number of suggestions ready for your information. We understand that our client's want to feel secure, so we take our security seriously. We ensure the safety of your possessions so you can rest easy knowing they will be there when you need them. We offer climate controlled units to ensure your comfort and protect your valuable belongings.

Our facilities are clean and secure, with 24--hour surveillance cameras all for your items' protection. We have facilities on the West side of El Paso for our customer's convenience Both compounds are protected at all times by an electronic gate, which requires a unique passcode each client receives when they rent storage space with us.

read more › This table will give you some self storage unit size guidelines that may be helpful in determining what self storage unit size you need. We try to be as precise as possible, but keep in mind that this is just an estimate. Please feel free to contact us if you need help choosing your unit size. The furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment with refrigerator, washer & dryer, and patio furniture or about 200 file boxes. The furnishings of a two-bedroom apartment or small house with refrigerator, washer & dryer, patio furniture, boxes and miscellaneous items or about 200 file boxes.

read more › AAA Self Storage is proud to be a locally owned and operated business in El Paso, TX. Since we opened our doors in 2001, our main goal has always been to ensure the safety of the possession left in our facility as best we can. We offer camera surveillance, as well as the option to have 24-hour access to your possessions. We are a locally owned and operated storage service, offering secure and reliable climate controlled storage when you need it. Perhaps you are going out of town and want to store your personal belongings in a secure location, or maybe you need some space to store those items that may not fit in your house anymore, but you can't bear to part with just yet.

read more › RV storage can be a major challenge for owners of recreational vehicles. Many neighborhood associations prohibit storing a recreational vehicle on a home lot. Others live in apartments or houses where there is no space for an RV to be parked. The good news is, AAA Self Storage makes storing your recreational vehicle simple. You can get a covered storage space for an affordable cost in a secure environment so you will always know where your RV is and that it is being kept in good condition. AAA Self Storage has covered storage available for recreational vehicles and boats in a secure facility.

read more › Boat storage is difficult as you have a significant investment in your boat and you want to make sure that it is kept somewhere safe, covered, and secure. In many cases, people who own boats do not have the garage space to keep them in their own homes. Neighborhood associations may also prohibit parking boats in driveways and you may not want your boat to be in the sun all of the time. Fortunately, there is an effective solution: you can store your boat in a covered storage space at AAA Self Storage.

read more › If you have a collectible or special vehicle you are looking to store or even just an extra car, car storage is a good option to consider. If you cannot keep the car at your home, you will need to look into car storage. As you explore your options for car storage, it is important to find a place where you can keep your vehicle protected from the elements. You also want to make sure that your car is kept in a safe and secure location so you do not have to worry about anyone breaking into it or anyone doing any damage to the vehicle.

read more › When you have too much stuff, are combining households, or need to find a place to store your possessions in between moves, you will need to look into household goods storage. You want to choose a storage facility that is going to keep your possessions safe where your belongings will not be damaged and where you can access them when you need to. AAA Self Storage of El Paso provides the ideal space for household goods storage. AAA Self Storage is the ideal space for household goods storage because we have storage facilities of different sizes so you can get exactly the amount of space that you need for your belongings.

read more › When you are getting ready to move any of your personal possessions, or when you are moving to a new home, you will need moving supplies. AAA Self Storage has a vast selection of different moving supplies that are available for sale or for rent. You can get moving boxes, moving blankets, dollies, tie downs, and everything else that you need to ensure your move goes smoothly. AAA Self Storage knows that in order to keep your possessions and valuables safe, the right moving supplies are essential.

read more › Storage units can provide you with a place to keep things which do not fit in your home. There are different kinds of storage units available to you, depending upon whether you need to store a recreational vehicle, a boat, a car, a trailer, or household goods. You should ensure you find the right storage unit at an affordable price that takes the security of your items seriously. AAA Self Storage of El Paso offers a wide variety of storage units to meet your needs. When you are looking for a storage unit to store any of your personal possessions, you need to make sure that the storage company you are working with is going to provide you with the features you are looking for.

read more › Trailer storage is a challenge as large trailers often do not fit in standard home garages or in home or apartment parking spaces. It is also very common for home owner's associations to prohibit storing a trailer in your driveway. You want to make sure your trailer is kept in a secure location and not exposed to the elements, so finding the right storage solution is going to take some research. Fortunately, AAA Self Storage has the perfect place for trailer storage. AAA Self Storage is the perfect option for trailer storage because we offer covered storage in a secure location.

read more › First and foremost, you have to know what items you are going to store. We recommend making a list of all the items to be stored. You can add or take items out as you think about it for a couple of days. This process should be started a month in a half to a month in advance. After you have finalized your list, you can bring it by our offices, where our staff can advise you on the best storage size and type for your needs. Always remember to read the lease before you sign our rental agreement. This is a way to protect both us and our clients by stating all rules and requirements up front.

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