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We're a family owned and operated self storage facility in North Roanoke/South Botetourt. Our facility has various self storage options, including climate controlled, drive-up self storage and portable units. Additionally, we can help you with you moving supplies, locks, tape, bubble wrap & more. Affordable Mini Storage is located at 1250 Lee Highway, Roanoke, VA 24019 in Cloverdale (Botetourt County).

read more › Most storage facilities have hidden fees, inflated seasonal prices and limited gate hours for clients. That's where we knew we could make a difference. At Affordable Mini Storage, you'll get 24/7 gate access, a straight-forward month-to-month lease, and the same prices year round. When you call our office, a real person answers who can help you. We are dedicated to giving you a stress-free storage experience. You can sleep easier knowing your belongings are secure with us! Locally owned and operated by Donald "Shorty" and Jennifer Helms, Affordable Mini Storage found it's roots in an unlikely way.

read more › We have a variety of different sized storage units to fit your needs and budget. From the smaller 510 unit to the larger 1030 space, we provide a storage system to meet your requirements. We offer month-to-month or long term agreements - we're flexible so we can tailor to your 24 hour storage needs. Unlike most storage facilities, we do not charge extra or hidden fees - the prices below are exactly what you'll get charged each month. Business storage - files, office furniture, contractor supplies, construction items, tools and more.

read more › Our inside, temperature-controlled storage spaces provide you with a controlled environment of reduced humidity and provides a regulated temperature year round. This is an ideal atmosphere for storing electronics, firearms, important paperwork, business records, musical instruments, paintings, photos, books, antiques, collectibles and other valuables. 24/7 access by a keypad-secured door (each building has its own unique code for added security). Unlike most self-storage facilities, we do not charge any extra or hidden fees - the prices below are exactly what you'll pay each month.

read more › Are you moving, but can't move into your new house right away? Do you need extra storage at your home, business, school or construction site? Are you a restoration company needing to store a homeowner's belongings while you complete your project? Allows you to conveniently pack & access your storage unit on-site at your home or business. We proudly serve Southwestern Virginia's portable storage needs, with flat-rate delivery rates to Roanoke & Botetourt. You can keep the unit at your home or business as long as you need, we can store it at our facility (no extra charge), or we can move it to your new location*.

read more › For storage of your boat, camper or RV, you can depend on Affordable Mini Storage to provide safe and secure storage. We have infrared video surveillance and an electronically operated keypad entry gate with 24/7 access. Unlike most storage facilities, we do not charge extra or hidden fees - the prices below are exactly what you'll pay each month. Please note: At this time we only rent spaces for campers, RV's and boats; other vehicles are not accepted. When you rent your space, please bring a copy of your current registration and title.

read more › Additional coverage can be purchased, but must be coordinated. Contact Affordable Mini Storage, LLC at 540-966-1295 and request your coverage amount, and we'll work out the details with TPP for you. It is wise to keep a few pictures and receipts of what you're storing, and/or an itemized list. This will expedite matters if you ever need to make a claim. Vehicles, parking space rentals, mobile units and unlocked units are not eligible for the plan. For a complete list, please see the Addendum from TPP.

read more › Are you downsizing your home, decluttering to put your house on the market, tidying up your garage or cleaning out your storage unit? Before you start throwing things away check out this list of local charities who could put your unwanted items to good use in our community! Recycle and get a tax write-off (if you itemize your deductions). Do you have unwanted items these Roanoke area non-profits could use? Get a glimpse into these non-profits rocking their corner of the world and see if you can be a part of it!

read more › Most people rent storage units that are too large and as a result pay too much. Understandably, it's hard to visualize how an entire household of furnishings could fit into a storage unit a fraction that size, but it's possible. With some planning, storing hacks and this handy size guide, you can rent a storage unit that'll fit your needs without paying extra for space you really don't need. 55 (25 sq ft) - This is the size of a small walk-in closet, and is ideal for storing a twin mattress set, chair or dresser, sports equipment and extra boxes.

read more › You're only going to use them once, so what if you could find boxes for free? No, it won't be a one-stop-shop for your packing and moving supplies. Be willing to invest a little time into gathering your boxes, and you'll be ready to start packing soon enough! 1. Grocery stores - With recycling movements in full swing, you'll have to be on top of this to actually get the boxes. Most grocery stores immediantly break down and press/bundle the boxes once a shipment is received and shelved. Ask your local grocery stores what day deliveries are and ask them to hold boxes.

read more › This agency provides information that is self-reported from local businesses, via a questionnaire they mail out each year. While this info is not confirmed by the BBB, they also offer Accreditation to local businesses. If a business is Accredited, you can be sure that the BBB has done a more in-depth analysis of the company, and continually updates their records. Anytime you're trying to research a company, Angie's List is a good place to check out. Real people leave detailed reviews, often times spelling out the specific situation.

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