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Pass Road Mini Storage facility is more than just 'mini', we have a lot to offer. The mini in our name refers to our interior self storage units and the fact that practically everything is indoors. We have the space you need, and you can be certain of that. The business storage and personal storage solutions we offer are second to none, and despite being a small business, we offer only the finest customer service and a complete list of amenities you expect.

Being a small business allows us to be more familiar with our clients and really grow our relationship with them. Whatever storage solutions you need, we will help you find it, that is our guarantee at Pass Road Mini Storage. The self storage industry is booming, and with that boom comes a lot of options. For you as a customer, our storage solutions are great, it means you can always find exactly what you need, quickly and easily.

That is what sets us apart. We offer the things we know you need so that you can find us right away. While we definitely offer a complete list of storage solutions that covers everything you might need, what really makes us worth your while is our customer care.

read more › Here at Pass Road Mini Storage we know you have a lot of options if you look for them, that is why we pride ourselves on placing our customers first and keeping them the old fashioned way. Through honesty and competent service. Times change, internet advertising is essential. Online features for your convenient storage options are just one more way we can better help you get what you expect and what you want from a modern business. That is how we do things here. When you store your belongings with us, whether they are big or small, you choose to keep them with us, and that means something.

read more › With so many standard and air conditioned storage rental sizes to choose from, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. That is okay, we are here to answer any questions you might have. If you know what kind of standard or air conditioned storage rental you want, give us a call to reserve your spot, or come on down and get set up with your affordable storage rental right away. The initial rental may require you to arrive in person, but every payment after can be made completely online, from the comfort of your own home.

read more › With so many businesses offering a long list of amenities for your household storage needs, it is important you can see what you are paying for. When you store with us, you get not only a great price, but you also get secure storage that's kept well lit at all times. You get drive-up access to many of our units, with garage-style doors for easy loading and unloading. Recorded video surveillance means no one goes unnoticed on our grounds. The wide lanes around our facility mean that even a large moving truck can find your unit with ease.

read more › Nothing is more tedious than having to make extra stops on an already busy day. Let us help you any way we can by offering moving supplies for purchase right here at our location. If you find yourself needing extra boxes, a roll of tape, even more complicated things like wardrobe boxes or packing peanuts, we can get you those things. Our commitment to customer service goes beyond just providing you with knowledgeable and helpful representatives. It extends to allowing you to cut one extra step out of your day, and keep moving forward.

read more › When it comes time to park the RV, you may find yourself feeling like your driveway is a lot smaller. Summer ends, the cold rolls in, and you begin to feel less and less like taking your motorcycle out for a long ride. With a shift in seasons can come a problem that no one likes having to solve. Fortunately, we can help. At Pass Road Mini Storage, you might find we can store things that are not so mini. Exterior parking spaces are perfect for large vehicles you might not want in your driveway, back yard, or garage.

read more › After choosing the right facility to fit your needs, it is essential that you pack your belongings in storage correctly. Determine whether the goods you are storing will be better protected by placing them in boxes, totes, or other containers. You may need to purchase specialized boxes and other materials to protect your items during the move and while they are stowed away. Thoroughly clean, disinfect and dry refrigerators, freezers, stoves and other appliances. Appliances with doors can be stored with the door slightly open, and some can be stacked on top of each other.

read more › Pass Road Mini Storage and its affiliates provide their services to you subject to the following notices, terms, and conditions. All rental transactions are final. If you rent a storage unit/space, you are not entitled to a refund for any unused portion of the rental period for which you have paid, including prepaid rent. Customers may rent on a monthly basis. The rental period starts on the day the lease is signed and continues up to the anniversary date of the following month. Rent will not be prorated for move-outs.

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