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Sussen Self Storage & U-HAUL Storage has always been outdoors, lacking security and temperature control. Our facility is unique among all other storage facilities - Michael Sussen. We are Cleveland's top choice for storage. We offer storage units ranging from small to large and short to long term. Work with our dedicated team who are willing to accommodate your needs and work hard to ensure a positive experience.

Sussen Self Storage is committed to cleanliness, security, accessibility and the satisfaction of all our customers. Clevelanders now have a unique way to store and protect their belongings within minutes of major freeways and all in the heart of the Midtown business district! I have nothing but good things to say about Sussen Storage. Mike assisted us on a very last-minute request for a unit.

I was there helping my mom move her stuff into storage after she was displaced by repeated burglaries. I was frazzled and Mike helped me relax by assuring me that even if we had to stay later than 5, which is when they close, our stuff would get moved in and that everything was going to be OK.

We treat you with the same respect we would want for ourselves. We care about our our city and the service we provide. Sussen Self Storage is a locally owned, centrally located, secured indoor storage facility in the heart of greater Cleveland. With easy access to all local markets, Sussen has the ability to provide flexible warehousing services and

Think twice before using newspaper to wrap your possessions. Newspaper has an open-grain construction and the inks used in printing are not dried. That ink will rub off and stain anything it's wrapped around so always use clean, white paper for packing. Your dog or cat is used to water from home, so take some along to keep them from getting an upset

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