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United Self Storage Fast and Convenient and Secure - I've been looking into a storage solution for my boat and really I'm just looking for a secure outside parking spot. It's an older boat and the cost of indoor storage would quickly become more than the boat is worth. This place has both security and convenient access. I can get to my boat anytime I need to and the fenced area.

I am moving to Virginia Beach near Sandbridge and was looking for a storage facility that was climate controlled. Extra Space Storage was convenient to where I will buying my next home. They had the size space I needed. It was clean and warm. Overall Amazing! - From the amazing price, to the helpful staff and cleanliness of the facility you can't beat it.

Extremely happy to be storing with them. Friendly, Efficient and Reliable - Having a list of facilities to choose from right there was great. Finding self storage online has never been so easy, I was able to get prices on all storage facilities near where I live. Reserved a storage unit and it only took me 2 minutes.

read more › Self-Storage is utilized by renters, homeowners, small and large businesses, college students and military personnel. Renters and homeowners use self-storage to create more room in their residence, freeing up a closet or garage space. Also frequently used to store furnishings, appliances, clothing, sporting equipment, bicycles, sentimental items, holiday items, motorized vehicles and more. Small or large businesses free up space by storing excess office furniture, file cabinets, electronics, records and business supplies.

read more › Putting your items in a self-storage unit when you're moving or remodeling your house can be a great way to put everything in one place and make sure that it's all protected. There are plenty of storage ideas to consider, as well. You don't want to just throw everything in your truck and head to the closest storage facility, because that could damage your items and put them at risk. It could also mean that you don't get things organized well, making it very hard to find them later. Learning how to pack and store items properly is vital when you want to keep your items safe.

read more › Moving vans and trucks are typically used, but for international moves or when storage is required they might use shipping containers commonly known as storage containers. There are several types of moves, long distance moving, local moving, home moving and business moving. National companies are typically organized as franchises or as local branches. There are also many independent moving companies that operate on their local area. To be able to operate across state lines, a moving company needs to be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

read more › Use this simple storage unit size guide to help you visualize and choose the size you need. Here you can store small furniture like chairs, night stands, coffee tables, and small bookcases, as well as small mattress set. You can also store a couple of small appliances like a washer/dryer combo, microwaves, and dishwashers. This unit is perfect for small items stored in labeled boxes and seasonal items. Here you can store the items of a small 1 bedroom apartment, studio, or small office. A small bedroom set, a dresser, chairs, file cabinets, or a small couch.

read more › When looking for a new place to locate, you may take into consideration the reasons for the move. You may need to relocate to attend college, due to a job offer, to escape to a better climate, or when wanting a new place during retirement. During your search, the city of Austin, Texas may pop up on your radar. The summer months mark the beginning of peak moving season. In fact, May is National Moving Month. More than 80% of moves in the United States occur between the months of April and September with the majority happening on.

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