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Washington Self-Storage Association Ten years ago you could open a self-storage facility and fill it no matter what you did. Those early successes are the very reasons that those days are gone forever. The success of the industry has attracted many more investors and we are now involved in a highly competitive (and risky) retail business. The Washington Self Storage Association works hard to keep you informed about the industry as a whole, as well as providing local market information that is simply unavailable anywhere else.

For these reasons, we hope you will join with the rest of your colleagues in the industry to help improve your chances of success. You can do that by clicking "JOIN" above. You can pay online with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The cost for membership is $195 per site annually for owners and operators or $350 annually for vendors. Thanks, and we hope to see you at our next meeting or hear your thoughts in our members' forum.

read more › We want to make it easy for you to begin taking advantages of all that WA-SSA has to offer! Get started here. The SSLN* Affiliate Plan is designed specifically for the smaller storage operator who is not a member of the national Self Storage Association, with one to three facilities with pricing for the plan reduced to make it affordable. The SSLN service provides storage operators with access to the legal information they need to respond to day-to-day circumstances that may arise at their facilities and, most importantly, gives them the tools to avoid mistakes that can lead to costly lawsuits.

read more › The Washington Self-Storage Association focuses hard to identify and communicate key legislative issues we face. It is through the financial support from our membership that we are able to support our lobbyists. Recent successes include a new Model Rental Agreement, improved Washington Lien Law, and Washington Insurance Specialty Licenses. While these are great accomplishments, more needs to be done.

read more › As we enter into the year's end, our WA-SSA Lobbyists have been busy for several months keeping their ears to the ground and reporting to the WA-SSA board of any findings. This PDF copy of the review of the Legislative Session will give you some insight for current as well as the future. In accordance with Proclamation 20-25, House of Representatives facilities are closed until further notice. Legislators and staff are teleworking and can be reached via email or by phone during regular business hours.

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