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Kept at a steady temperature of anywhere from 55-80°, climate controlled storage units keep your possessions insulated from the damage of severe weather and the effects of humidity. Here are all the ways we can keep your prized collection of back scratchers safe, undamaged, and easily accessible to you. That depends on what you're storing.

Any items that are sensitive to humidity or temperature changes - like instruments, clothing, papers, artwork, wood, and more - can greatly benefit from climate controlled storage.We're proud to do self storage a little differently, and that involves a top-of-the line experience complete with multi-level security and illuminating, state-of-the-art LED lighting on our indoor climate controlled units.

read more › Storing your possessions may be a necessity, but a second-rate experience isn't. And with our revolutionary indoor climate controlled storage units, we've designed a self-storage model to fit your needs and give you an experience similar to storing your belongings in a home environment. Our indoor climate controlled storage units are temperature and humidity controlled, and each storage unit is accessed from inside a secure building, brilliantly lit by top-of-the-line LED light technology. Our second-level, mobile access security provides not only enhanced protection of your belongings, but the reassurance that when you're on our premises, your safety is our priority.

read more › At the Storage Project, our units are safely secured through industry-leading, multi-layer security, and we provide the professional space and tools to support your extended personal and business needs on-site. Our standard units are easy to use and available at a competitive cost, and our team is standing by to provide top-of-the-line service when you need it.

read more › Get your act together and overstuff this storage unit instead of the closet in your guest bedroom. The 5*5 indoor storage unit is great if you're looking to store a small closet worth of possessions. This square space can fit items such as a smaller mattress, a dresser, boxes, and recreational equipment. Although the 25 sq.

read more › The 5*10 indoor climate-controlled storage unit is ideal for housing items that would generally fit into a mid-sized bedroom. This rectangular space is perfect for housing personal belongings like a queen sized mattress and bed set, larger electronics, a dresser, and additional boxes. Trying something new with your home? Our 50 sq.

read more › This is the best option if you're remodeling large sections of your house to accommodate your ever-growing collection of cat figurines. Our indoor climate-controlled 10*15 storage unit is the perfect size when you need to store a lot of items. Built to accommodate 3 bedrooms worth of furniture, kitchen appliances, couches, tables, and big TVs, our 150 sq.

read more › The Storage Project is a modern, top-class storage facility unlike any other. Our premium, dedicated storehouses feature enclosed, indoor climate-controlled units that are conveniently accessible anytime you need them. And because safety is our priority, our units feature multi-layer security that's the best in the industry. Easy to use and available at a competitive cost, our storage units give you a place to store your stuff without the headache and inconvenience of other storage facilities. Climate conditioning means a storage unit is kept at a steady temperature of anywhere from 55-80°, keeping your possessions insulated from the damage of severe weather and protecting from the effects of humidity.

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