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With facilities located in Illinois, California, and Indiana, we're confident that you'll find your experience with us to be convenient and efficient. Simply hop onto the nearest highway to visit one of our facilities. If you're looking for a storage unit near California, Illinois, or Indiana you've found the solution to your storage needs with U-Stor-It!

The entire process was a breeze! Staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating with helping me find the perfect space for me! At U-Stor-It, we're all about providing extra amenities without an added price. Once you choose the units that's right for you, you can opt into our package acceptance program and pay your bill from the convenience of your computer.

Whether you're interested in drive-up access, climate control, or parking spaces, we have a rental that meets your needs. Local college students like to rent our smaller, drive-up accessible units. Families and business owners often find that our climate-controlled spaces are ideal for items they wouldn't want sitting outside.

read more › U-Stor-It Self Storage is committed to providing you with excellence in self-storage with superior customer service, professionalism and convenient locations to fulfill all of your personal and business storage needs. When renting self-storage there is no limit to the amount of additional space you can create for your household belongings. You can get as much or as little space as needed and we offer the flexibility for you to change unit sizes at any time to best fit your needs. There are many different types of self-storage we offer that will work best for you.

read more › U-Stor-It offers a variety of storage types that are ideal for retailers, manufacturers, sales reps and various other types of small business owners. We will help you free up valuable office space to store any excess inventory, supplies, files, furniture, cabinets, displays, signs, merchandise, and any other equipment so that your business has the space to run how you want it to. For many businesses, there is no such thing as having too much storage space! We make it easy to upgrade or transfer into a different unit size depending on your business's storage needs.

read more › Do you need to store your vehicle for a week or longer? Self-storage is a great option for both short-term and long-term car storage. Many of our facilities offer the option to store large recreational vehicles such as boats or RV's. Whether you need to store your classic vehicles, boats, trailers, or a recreational vehicle, U-Stor-It has the parking space for you. Vehicle storage at U-Stor-It provides you with the safest option to secure your vehicles. At U-Stor-It, in order to access your vehicles you need an electronic gate code that is linked to your ID.

read more › What is climate control? Climate controlled storage is our recommended choice when you are storing items over an extended period of time where local climate and temperature is hot and humid or cold and rigid. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause issues for sensitive items such as furniture, electronics, fabrics, and metals. At U-Stor-It, many of our facilities have climate controlled storage units to help preserve your belongings and protect them from fluctuations in the local climate.

read more › U-Stor-It offers a variety of drive-up units best suited for your storage needs. Drive-up accessible units allow you to drive up and park right next to the door of your storage unit. Renting a drive-up storage unit gives you the convenience of being able to drive directly to your unit and unload quickly and easily. This allows for you to be able to load items in and out of your storage unit in little to no time. The convenience of being next to your storage unit allows you to have an easier move with less effort and strain.

read more › Start by gathering as many boxes as you think you will need as well as tape, markers, and packing material (e.g., foam shipping noodles, bubble wrap, packing paper or towels). Make up an inventory list of your items and keep it in a safe place (at home or in a safe deposit box) away from the unit. Be sure your boxes are strong enough to hold 25-30 pounds (although we suggest not putting too much in each box). If renting a drive-up/exterior unit, place your storage items on 2x4 boards or on pallets to guard against dampness.

read more › We understand that the personal property you store in our storage units is valuable and important to you. However, our storage facility is not responsible for your property while stored at our facility. That is why our lease requires that each tenant maintain insurance coverage on their stored property. Some, but not all, homeowners' and renters' insurance policies cover property stored in self storage facilities. You should contact your insurance agent to confirm whether your insurance policy will cover the property you store at our facility, and ask your agent about applicable policy deductibles and exclusions.

read more › You can get a free quote, reserve a space online, request more information, or call the location and speak directly with a storage professional. If there is a storage space available that meets your specific storage needs, you can move in anytime during normal access hours. Our sizes range from approximately 5'x5' to 10'x30'. Many of our facilities also offer smaller and larger spaces, from storage lockers to extra-large rentals. Ask one of our team members what type of unit best suits your needs or use our Storage Calculator to determine the right amount of space for you.

read more › For over 30 years, U-Stor-It Managers has built its reputation based on hands-on property management and overseeing the day to day operations of 75+ stores in 25+ submarkets. The U-Stor-It Third Party Management platform runs on the U-Stor-It brand and utilizes data-driven metrics in order to conduct operational changes to improve revenue and your bottom line. When you choose to work with U-Stor-It, we bring our team of dedicated and experienced industry professionals to deal with the challenges of managing and operating a self-storage facility.

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